Discover a New Beverage to Tickle Your Fancy

At S&S Distributing, Inc., we don’t just carry the same flavors and tastes you love, but mix things up with new selections to give you even more great options to choose from. Whether our beverages are something you’ve never tasted before or it’s your absolute favorite, we keep things interesting because variety is the spice of life! We still offer the great brands you know, but when they come out with something different, that’s when we make it available for you.

Our What’s New collection provides you the opportunity to grab your friends and family or create an exciting space for your customers to discover new beverages to tickle your fancy, or another drink that will become your all-time favorite. We bring you all kinds of new and exciting drinks from flavorful seltzers and lemon-lime lagers, to coffee-infused stouts. We even provide zero calorie options and nitro gold varieties that up the ante on old classics for a smooth, refreshing taste that will leave you asking for more. You’ll also find new flavors of wine, and non-alcoholic beverages including soda, coffee, energy drinks, and tea. If you’re tired of what you’re used to, check out what’s new and experience a whole new world of flavor and taste to shake up your next tailgate party or family get-together, or ignite your special beverage section for your customers to enjoy.

To add what’s new to your beverage lineup or next event, when new items release, or for more information on our wide selection of quality drink assortments, fill out our contact form, or give us a call at 608-269-5071 today! You bring the party, we’ll supply the perfect beverages to complement your specific event.