Pilsner, Pilsner NA, Dark, Hefeweizen, Hefeweizen NA

A German Pilsner with a clear golden hue. Alongside the high-quality ingredients, the secret of this beer’s unique taste lies in the fresh, pure and low-mineral natural spring water it is brewed with. With this you enjoy a distinctive, finely bitter taste and full aroma.

Pilsner NA
With our other non-alcoholic beers, our Wheat non-alcoholic offers an outstanding spectrum of adventures in taste for any beer connoisseur; above all else, it simply cannot be beaten as an isotonic alternative to sweet soft drinks.

An enticing aroma of toasted bread and dark chocolate heralds a malty swallow. A rich wash of dark malts spreads out with layers of toasted bread, a bite of ash and light threads of sweet molasses; in the back, a hint of raisin complements the molasses. An assertively dry finish wraps up the sip.

Our perfect wheat beer that stands above all: the taste. Impressive full-bodied, fruity and tangy. These impressive taste, we have developed in close collaboration with the real beer experts: you.

Hefeweizen NA
Krombacher Weizen Non-Alcoholic is full-bodied, fruity and effervescent with that renowned wheat beer floavour. Refreshing and isotonic. Amber and cloudy opal. sparkling fizzy toward rich creamy.

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