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Lift Bridge Brewing Co
Lift Bridge
Root Beer, Mini Donut Cream Soda, Black Cherry Soda

Root Beer
The root beer is made with natural ingredients and spices, and is sweetened with pure cane sugar, with Schwarz describing it as having a “uniquely creamy mouth feel” with a vanilla-forward flavor. … Lift Bridge says it’s great to drink on its own, or throw it in a glass with ice cream for a root beer float.

Mini Donut Cream Soda
Lift Bridge Soda Co. debuts the second soda in its sweet lineup of carbonated drinks. The creamy, cinnamon profile is reminiscent of their wildly popular Minnesota State Fair staple, the Mini Donut Beer. Take a trip down memory lane with this frothy, non-alcoholic treat!

Black Cherry Soda
The Black Cherry Soda is full-flavored, perfectly sweetened and rich in black cherry flavor.

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